City of Bellevue Website Research & Design

The city of Bellevue remains one of the most diverse and affluent cities in the state of Washington. Much of its statistics can be owed to the type of jobs and the level of educational attainment of its residents. Bellevue contains some of the highest paying jobs in management, business, science and arts sectors, with employees earning around $120,000 a year on average. With the city of Bellevue as our official client through the Livable City Year program, our task was to create a detailed report detailing user pain points and suggested updates to accommodate them.


Web UI Researcher

Demographic analysis, persona development, report management, client communication & relations, presentation design

The Problem

After looking at Google Analytics and the results of our directed interview process, it was clear that there were several problem areas on the website that required immediate attention. The following were the top two findings we summarized from our data collection:

1.  There is little traffic below the “fold” of the homepage.

2. There are major differences between what the user expects while navigating the website and what the website provides.


of users expressed confusion regarding navigation 


of users disliked the current layout of the website content

Suggested UI Redesign

Our suggested redesign targeted areas of confusion and simplified the layout for easier navigation. The main provided links were selected according to the top most requested/searched areas of the website. The news section was also provided with a redesign for better readibility and included news that better suited the interests of the larger target demographic. 

Project Takeaways

Organization is essential

We worked with vast amounts of demographic and interview data that we had to sift through and sort. Organizing effectively early on saved us a lot of work later in the process and helped avoid confusion.

Collaboration is key

A project that requires communication with clientele and organizing focus groups and interviews involves many moving parts. Ensuring that all team members know their duties and carry them out in a timely manner kept us on track as intended.