AR Game: Murder in Imdy


Marketing & Game Design

Narrative design, logo & brand design, Promotional & marketing material (social + print), Game material development, Project coordination & management

Murder in Imdy is a low-tech alternate reality game with a focus on educating about the effects of climate change on low-income community members and how it is exaggerated by the influence of large corporations. Modeled after a murder mystery, this AR experience was a three-month effort in a study to create engaging methods of creating awareness in our community through the process of ideation, user research, play-testing, marketing, and execution. 

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Marketing Design

A large portion of our efforts focused on the creation of the marketing components of the experience. We created a website, Twitter, Instagram, and print posters setting up the background of the town of Imdy leading up to the day of the experience in order to provide a more immersive setting for the plot. This required collaboration between narrative designers, marketing designers, and developers in addition to having to work with facilities staff on site to reserve and set up the space. My primary role for the duration of this project was creative director and marketing manager. 

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Website Wireframe & Design

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Social Media Pages
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Game Flow
  • Talk to the citizens of the town

    • Question to collective verbal or physical evidence

  • Collect evidence

    • Pictures

    • Pieces of paper

    • Verbal

    • Social Media accounts: Twitter, Instagram

    • Town of Imdy Website

Game play goals:

  • Discover WHY Tobias was murdered.

    • Collect physical evidence by exploring the given locations

    • Collect dialogue evidence through interacting with fictional characters through role-playing

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Final Execution