Petfinder Mobile App Redesign

My focus for this redesign was to create a more cross-device friendly application that is visually appealing and engaging. Majority of the content set up for the original was well done so I chose to keep the organization fairly similar. I also wanted to create a more accessible and intuitive filtering system that allowed for easier navigation without unnecessary confusion. My main platform to create this high fidelity prototype was Framer X. As a new prototyping software on the market, I wanted to test its capabilities and uses. Overall, I found the platform to be easy to navigate and to use. It's set up was similar to Sketch and Invision, which allowed for an easier learning curve.


UI Designer

Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Analysis

The Problem
  • App is extremely outdated and not adaptable to different device screen sizes

  • Lacking in aesthetic presentation and engagement

  • Difficult to see imagery

  • Does not allow you to deselect advanced filter selections/start over from the beginning

Wireframing & Flow

Initial Search Screen

Loading Screen



Additional Filters

Updated Results

Profile Screen + Bookmark