Sanctuary: A Board Game



Game & Visual Designer

Storyboarding, Illustrator, Videographer, Visual assets development, Wireframing, Prototyping, UI Analysis, project management

At the beginning of this project, we were introduced to our client, the Woodland Park Zoo, whose goal was to find more interactive and engaging forms of educating others about conservation and the issues that animals today are facing in their various environments. It was our job to design a game that would not only be engaging and fun but also be informational in its nature. We started out with countless ideas, ranging location-based mobile games to, what we decided on, a board game. Our concept design evolved a lot from the brainstorming stage to what it is now. Though we weren’t able to get the game into its final stages, we were able to build a solid foundation for it and develop a game that is not only interesting to play but also teaches the player about the various issues that different animals living in various environments are facing today. Sanctuary is a game meant to spark an interest in current issues in our environment today and encourage the players to learn more about them. We hope our game can be a catalyst to raise more empathy towards the animals that are suffering due to human-created environmental hazards and lead to people being more involved in conservation efforts.