T-Mobile Internship Work

As a marketing designer, I was responsible for creating landing pages, graphics, and illustrations that aligned with existing brand guidelines. My work was utilized across multiple platforms such as the official T-Mobile website, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, Instagram, Snapchat, and print media. I additionally worked with content creation for T-Mobile partners such as Samsung and Apple, which required understanding and incorporation of their brand guidelines within the T-Mobile system.


Design Intern

Graphics, Website content management, Social media content creation, Brand expertise

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Event Kiosk Designs

One of the print design projects that I was assigned to create was for a T-Mobile hosted recruiting event. This required collaborating with event organizers and working with specific brand and dimension guidelines to ensure printing quality. 

Snapchat Filters: Back to School

The challenge was particularly high with this project since there aren't currently any specific brand guidelines in place regarding snapchat. However, this allowed me a bit more creative freedom as opposed to other projects that did have strict established guidelines. We started off this project by holding a "doodle session" where we mocked up possible ideas for this as a starting point. After, I started sketching out different ideas and continued to iterate through them as I received feedback on how to improve them.