Tamatrashi: a Study in Absurdism



UI & Game Design

Narrative design, Game art &material development, Mechanics development 

Tamatrashi is a game highly inspired by the Tamagotchi games. You take care of a pet by feeding it, cleaning it, and playing with it; all to make it live a happy life. However, unlike the Tamagotchi games, the Tamatrashi pet is a complete and utter brat in no uncertain terms: throwing tantrums, vomiting everywhere with little provocation, and always in need of attention. Created as a study in absurdism, there is no "winning" at the end of this game. The pet will always eventually leave you after you made it too unhappy, too filthy, too hungry, or too unhealthy.


The visual style of the game is pixel art which resembles the classic Tamagotchi theme with a twist of using colors to make the context more fulfilled. Every single art asset was hand-made by the team using Adobe Photoshop.

  • Players click on pet or items to interact with the pet.

  • The four stats of the pet are health, happiness, hygiene, and hunger.

  • The apparent goal of the game is to keep these stats full. However, the pet does not react to the interactions logically like other pet games.

  • An example of interaction:

Pet keeps continuously asking

food even after being fed

Pet starts crying till player

feeds it

Pet overeats and ends up

throwing up forcing player to

have to clean up and buy

medicine for the pet